​​SFAS Co-Founders

​A Little About Terri Esther

I became interested in rescue about 8 years ago when I found a lost dog wandering in my neighborhood. I had always had a soft heart for animals, especially dogs. I contacted our local animal control only to be told “if we come get her, she'll probably be put down”. WHAT! No way was I going to allow someone to put down this sweet, loving lab mix, I called Sookie. She has since passed .

I decided it was time to make some changes in our local community and try to help get these lost, unwanted pets new, loving homes. I began volunteering with our local shelter and within a year founded a rescue group in our small town. Within no time, others wanted to help. I was so excited to see so many people, just like me, wanting to help our lost pets.

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I am now a co-founder of Southern Friends Animal Society, SFAS. I consider our members and volunteers a family. We are all dedicated to saving as many pet lives as possible. It's the most rewarding life I could have ever imagined. Who rescued who, I now say.
​A Little About Tara Murphy

I started in animal rescue at a young age. From the countless baby birds blown from the safety of their nests, to the frogs that took a dip in our pool, only to find out the walls were a little steeper than they thought. Crickets also benefited from my respect for life. To this day, all crickets, who find their way into our household, must be captured and safely released outdoors.

As an adult, many dogs and cats got dumped on the country road where I lived. So it was a natural progression to graduate from small, childhood critters, to four-legged, furry ones. More often than not, these abandoned pets came bearing gifts, their bellies laden with babies. First, nurse the mom back to health. Second, care for her and her precious little ones. Third, find loving homes for all.

So animal rescue, for me, is second nature. It is a privilege to be co-founder, and on the Board of Directors, of Southern Friends. We are a small group with a great passion. Our mission simple… to make this world a better place for animals.
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