HOW COULD PEOPLE BE SO CRUEL? Okay, this one is hard for me to write about. An independent rescuer asked us if we'd take in a 5 y/o Shih Tzu. The owner wanted to re-home him, so we said "YES". Yesterday, he came to us. What I saw disgusted me beyond belief.

His entire underside was covered in dried feces! He had ear mites so bad, his ears were dark brown. He has sores all over his little body from parasites. His nails are so long, they are curling under and he can barely walk.

In my 8 years of rescue, I've never seen so much neglect from one dog! That's not all, he's BLIND, yes blind. He acts like he's 15 years old, not 5. He's lost his puppy side.

I don't even want to imagine where or what he was living in, but I can tell you this, he'll never live there again. This baby is going to get the best home he's ever imagined, he will be loved like he's never been loved.

Please help us with his care, he'll need a lot of vetting and a lot of tender loving care from us all at SFAS. Please donate here
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